Three lives

We‘re all living three lives.

A life made up of memories.
A life filled with the present moment.
Life of the imagination.

We slip in and out of these three lives simultaneously — often mixing them up — leaving us baffled and bewildered.

Through contemplation and reflection, we can start distinguishing between our three lives — and can practice moving purposefully between them with clarity and joy.

As a seeker and dreamer, I’m naturally drawn to the life of the imagination where the possibilities are infinite and where creativity resides.

Creativity transcends time and space — it’s filled with the peculiar, mysterious, unusual and extraordinary.

You don’t need to be an artist or a designer to enter through her gates. The labyrinth of creativity is open to all travelers.

Whether you’re noodling on a new product or embarking on a journey of self-discovery — the realm of limitless imagination and inspiration awaits.

Cross the threshold.
Begin the odyssey.
The world is waiting.


“She Brightens everything around her with a spark that’s all her own.”

“One day at a time.”

“She embraces life.
She says yes to big chances, bold choices and brave changes.”



From the receptionist to award-winning entrepreneur, ​Ruby Receptionists​ founder Jill Nelson shares her amazing origin story. Jill explains how her time as a receptionist taught her the value of making connections and building trust with customers. Listen in as she shares how her focus on building value and culture-focused company helped her grow exponentially. Tune in now!

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Some people go through a trial by fire. Kendra Scott went through a trial by hats.



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Kalika Yap

I Started out working as a journalist for CNBC and Bloomberg after graduating from NYU. I loved the bustle of New Your City, but traded it in for the West