Everybody Chance Now

Hello November! Well, that was fast!

We’re approaching the rapid close of 2021. . .Are you excited about the possibilities of 2022?

Whenever we’re on a brink of the holidays, a new year, there’s always a buzz of excitement.

  • What new challenge are you going to take up?

People say the hardest part is taking the first step.

But what if instead of taking the first step, you learn to dance towards your dreams? Groove towards new goals?

New beginnings are daunting but can also be fun.

Take a moment to reflect on what’s possible.

Take a chance, come on, and dance! 😀



“Never miss a
chance to dance.”


Save the Date! Friday, Nov 19th is Women Entrepreneurship Day!

The Mayor of LA is hosting a Virtual Event theme: Grow, Thrive, Flourish.

I will be moderating the Money Mindset Panel along with some incredible women entrepreneurs/leaders.

RSVP today!

“Sometimes, you need
a second chance,
because you weren’t
quite ready
for the first.”


Everybody Dance Now

“In the end,
we only regret
the chances
we don’t take.”


My book is now on sale! My goal is to sell 25,000 copies!

My goal is to help 1M female founders change the world!

Please share with a female entrepreneur or aspiring one!

“Maybe I’ve
always been
more comfortable
in chaos.”



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Kalika Yap

I Started out working as a journalist for CNBC and Bloomberg after graduating from NYU. I loved the bustle of New Your City, but traded it in for the West